Demartini Method® Transformation Workshop

Presented by Laura Hughes
Master Certified DeMartini Method® Facilitator

A full one-day workshop using The Demartini Method® to neutralizes emotional charges, balance mental and physical reactions, opening the heart and clearing the mind – resulting in a resolution of dis-equilibrated perceptions and a greater feeling of presence, certainty, and gratitude.

The Demartini Method® is a step-by-step process, using a series of specific questions to enable you to gain a new perspective to overcome challenges, balance emotions and perceptions.

The Demartini Method® can be repeatedly applied to any situation or aspect in life – you can use this knowledge repeatedly – it really is the tool with 1000 uses for enhancing your life!

The DeMartini Method will help you bring enthusiasm and zest back into your life – the ultimate tool to bring back the mojo

Be a Master of your Destiny, not a Victim of your History

  • ​Do you have unwanted thoughts that take up space and time in your mind?
  • Do you have experiences that burden you, stress you or emotionally overwhelm you?
  • Do you feel trapped by other someone else’s problems and issues?
  • Are you faced with challenges and adversities that are running your life?
  • Are you carrying resentment towards others that you perceive have hurt you, used you or betrayed you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I would love you to join us in a Demartini Method Transformation Workshop.


Not Inspired by Your Life?

Lost your mojo???

Do you perceive that over time you’ve:

  • Had moments where you felt ungrateful for your life?
  • Found yourself blaming external events for some of your challenges?
  • Had moments where you’ve experienced fear or anxiety?
  • Been worried about your financial situation?
  • ​​Felt under pressure?​
  • ​Felt uncertain about your future?
  • ​Been more stressed than usual?
  • ​Lost some of your ZEST? 
  • ​Experienced a drop in enthusiasm for life or your goals?
  • ​Felt like you’ve taken a knock and the effort to recover is too great?

Focus on The Things You Can Control

There are only three things you have control over in your life







If you can govern and manage your perceptions, make prioritized decisions and act on them, you’ll be in the process of mastering your mind and on your way to living a meaningful and purposeful life.

What distinguishes us as a human being from other species is our capacity to govern our mind and not let the outside world run us.

No matter what you experience in your life, you can change your perception of it.

At the Demartini Method® Transformation Workshop you’ll be taught how to transform your perceptions, so you gain the power to transform your life.

What is the Demartini Method?

The Demartini Method is a breakthrough discovery and cutting-edge personal transformation methodology that results in a new perspective and paradigm in thinking and feeling.

The Demartini Method is a systematic pre-determined series of mental questions directed toward the objective of assisting an individual to neutralize and transform polarized emotional feelings into integrated feelings of presence, certainty, gratitude and love.

Developed by the human behavior specialist and polymath, Dr John Demartini, it is the culmination of more than 5 decades of research and studies in numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology.

demartini destiny

It’s a cognitive process that involves balancing your mathematical equations of perceptions through a continuous thinking and writing action which results in driving you from your subcortical brain dominance to your more advanced executive centre brain dominance.

When you perceive that an event has more benefits than drawbacks, you label it a beneficial event or situation. When it has more drawbacks than benefits in your perception, you label it a challenging event or situation.

You have the power to transform how you perceive an event just by asking quality questions that bring balance to your awareness. This means that you see the up of the down and the down of the up. You see life as ‘on the way’ instead of ‘in the way’.


When you bring the mathematical equation of perception into balance, you balance the mind and balance your physiology and move into the executive centre of the brain where you are more objective and self-governed.

It’s in this area of your higher function, also known as systems 2 or slow-thinking, thrival brain, that you open up your foresight and with that you birth a clarity of vision and mission and you see strategically how to achieve it.

When you learn the art of governing your mind, developing your self-governing executive centre, you become the captain of your ship, the master of your destiny, an unborrowed visionary and an inspired leader, an individual of authenticity and influence.

This is a live in-person workshop presented at Edenderry Retreat, at Maroochy River on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It is limited to 6 people.

Workshop Only: $497 PP

Includes: Lunch, Snacks, Tea, Coffee, Filtered Rain Water & printed Manual

Or Stay and Play

Includes: 2 nights accommodation, all meals and snacks plus printed Manual.


Price: $997 PP or $1694 per cuddle buddy

Edenderry Retreat ~ A space for personal interaction, reflection and transformation

Welcome to Laura’s Private Sanctuary – Edenderry Retreat – overlooking the stunning Maroochy River with views across the valley to the ocean on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Nestled on the foothills of the mystical Mount Ninderry, this botanical oasis is a garden of Eden and the perfect environment to give yourself the space to think, BE and evolve.

Meet Laura

Laura has been presenting her signature Breakthrough programs around Australia and internationally, specialising in human behaviour and integrating The Demartini Method® with her results driven transformational strategies to assist clients to gain a new perspective for intelligent living and to be inspired by life, by teaching them to overcome their challenges, obtain self-governance, and activate their true potential. In recent years, Laura has focused on delivering her services online and in person at Edenderry Retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

“When you meet Laura you’ll know she is a walk-your-talk woman of substance. Not only does she keep herself congruent to her teachings, she keeps herself accountable to her intentions, goals and actions – and she will keep you accountable to yours!”

Laura is a Master Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator (one of only a select few in the world) and is a Licensed Demartini Values® Facilitator.

Laura Hughes