Power Of Purpose

If you would love to have Clarity of Purpose and Certainty of Direction!

Join me in this Powerful & Life Changing workshop.

The Power of Purpose Workshop is a POTENT one day highly effective course that will alter, expand and ignite your mindset and internal motivation.

The time is Now to redefine what matters most to you.

So that you can play full out and leverage life on an even greater scale.

The Power of Purpose Workshop will enable you to:

  • Be in alignment with clarity of who you are
  • Sit with Certainty
  • Redefine your vision
  • Evolve your mindset to overcome any challenge that is thrown at you
  • Create inspired Action
  • Increase your intellectual capacity
  • Open your heart to an evolved future
  • Build your future with courage & resilience
  • Free you into flow mode

Know your WHY! Map your life. Write clear intentions.

Tapping into purpose gives you a compass – without it you are rudderless. Goals that are not aligned with what you truly value are but a mere fantasy and will never be achieved!

This workshop helps you write doable, believable and realistic goals that you can and will achieve.


Demartini Method® Transformation Workshop

Presented by Laura Hughes
Master Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator

A full one-day workshop using The Demartini Method® to neutralizes emotional charges, balance mental and physical reactions, opening the heart and clearing the mind – resulting in a resolution of dis-equilibrated perceptions and a greater feeling of presence, certainty and gratitude.

The Demartini Method® is a step by step process, using a series of specific questions to enable you to gain a new perspective to overcome challenges, balance emotions and perceptions. The Demartini Method® can be repeatedly applied to any situation or aspect in life – you can use this knowledge over and over again – it really is the tool with 1000 uses for enhancing your life!

Transform Stress to Success, Worry to Wisdom, Confusion to Clarity, Panic to Poise and Victimhood to Victory.

Be a Master of your Destiny, not a Victim of your History.

  • Do you have unwanted thoughts that take up space and time in your mind?
  • Do you have experiences that burden you, stress you or emotionally overwhelm you?
  • Do you feel trapped by other someone else’s problems and issues?
  • Are you faced with challenges and adversities that are running your life?
  • Are you carrying resentment towards others that you perceive have hurt you, used you or betrayed you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I would love you to join us in a Demartini Method Transformation Workshop.