Spend quality & quantity time together as a couple while you are taken on a journey of mutual self-discovery.

Join Edenderry COUPLES Retreat for a 5-night experience of powerful transformation and deep connection.

This is the Art of Conscious Coupling!

Do you feel your partner is taking you for granted and is not meeting your needs?

Are you wondering about the future of your relationship?

Are you spending more time clashing than connecting?

Are you struggling to communicate and have fear around speaking the truth?

Do you yearn for a deeper and more intimate soul-aligned connection?

Then the Couples Retreat is perfect to help you both consciously commit and connect to a loving relationship that allows both to flourish as individuals and as a couple.

The art of communicating in each other’s values…

The art of communicating your values in terms of your partner’s values is called caring – it requires you to be in fair exchange, respecting and honouring their values as well as your own.

Being intimidated by your partner will make you careful – walking on eggshells, tippy toe around what they think, not wanting to offend, fear of judgement, being altruist and putting them first and minimizing yourself relative to them.

Dominating your partner will make you careless – angry, finger-pointing, self-righteous, dominating, overbearing – grandstanding and expecting them to subordinate to you, putting them down and being in the upper position of being right.

Balance the Underdog/Overdog relationship dynamic to become a consciously caring couple.

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The Couples Retreat is a powerful process and experience to up-level your relationship.

Before you come: Get a private ninety-minute zoom coaching session with Laura

  • Full Value Determination and Intrinsic Driving Force Session
  • Explore needs, desires and expectations
  • Set up key outcomes from retreat

The Couples Retreat is all about creating the framework for unconditional love.

In these five days you will be guided, educated and shown how to:

  • Communicate in each other’s values
  • Honour the person and honour the relationship
  • Take the splinter of judgement out of your eyes
  • Balance lopsided and biased perceptions
  • Build a life together based on mutual trust and respect
  • Create a life together according to your own rules
  • Let go of unrealistic expectations on yourself and each other
  • Consciously choose to be together without fear of loss
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 You will receive and experience:

  • Special Chef inspired Menu just for Valentines Day at the famous Spirit House, Yandina.
  • Workbook and the Conscious Couple Course
  • Individual, couples and group coaching
  • Fun activities and joyful experiences
  • Nutritious and delicious home cooked meals
  • Hot tub, icebaths and massage
  • Yoga, meditation, breathwork and sound healing
  • Beautiful beach walks and mountain hikes

Rest & Relax

The beds and pillows are super comfortable to help you with an awesome night’s sleep. Whilst the days are jammed packed, you will also have your own quite time. There are multiple living areas for you to relax and unwind – enjoy the company of others and/or enjoy your own space.

 At Edenderry Retreat you are nourished with wholesome and delicious home cooked meals made from with quality ingredients, grass-fed meats and local fresh produce. Help yourself to beverages such as herbal teas, tea, coffee, filtered rain water, kombucha, cold press juices and healthy snacks.

Sessions are facilitated by Laura and Guest Coaches.

rest and

What if we are done?

Then Consciously choose to uncouple and leave with love. If after going through the processes and transformation of the couples retreat, and you feel that it is time to move on, then that is also a great outcome.

The truth will set you free!

Uncoupling does not need to be dark and angry – it can be beautiful and full of love, light and gratitude. Leaving with a heart full of love and appreciation honours both. If this is where you find yourselves, then Laura is also able to help facilitate this.

Laura’s Story…

“I left my former husband after being together for 34 years – my children were well into their 20’s and I believe I was 10 years overdue in leaving. We were together since we were 17 and had built a life together. After much personal development and diving deep into the Demartini Method, I realised that I was enough and that the relationship we had was not enough, so I said ‘thank you, I love you, goodbye’ and walked away.

I did the work and left with love, gratitude and appreciation. At the time my former husband actually thanked me for having the courage to leave. He realised that it was something that he wanted to do, but was unable to.

My eyes were opened as I embraced the challenge of being uncoupled – I follow the universal principle that there are equal drawbacks and benefits no matter what you do – I did not view my new life with rose coloured glasses and was conscious to the many drawbacks of my decision – there were just as many benefits and blessings too!!

18 months later I met my Irishman and began a relationship with my darling Desmond! In June 2023 we will celebrate 10 years of being together. We married each other at Wategos’s Beach Byron Bay with a bottle of Moet and a picnic basket – a soul contract between each other.

Laura Hughes

I said to him ‘we choose to be together freely – you are free to come and free to go’. Des look puzzled and asked ‘so you want me to go…?’ to which I replied ‘no’. Then he said ‘so you want to go??’ to which I said ‘no’. I then grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards me and said ‘I will not hold onto you’. Then I let his shirt go and said ‘we choose to be together freely – I will not hold onto you if you want to go – I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me. If ever you want to go, I will love you enough to let you go’.

Conscious coupling is just that – a free decision to be together – not out of fear or lack, but out of a genuine desire to want to be together. Conscious coupling is also honouring each other’s values and not expecting the other person to be something that they are not.”

Things you need to know…

Whilst sex and sexuality is discussed, we are not a “sexual therapy” retreat – we focus on feelings, perceptions and mindset. We are not a “diet” or “fasting” retreat, however we encourage “clean” eating with whole nutritious foods – whilst you are free to bring along your favourite snacks and food, we would strongly encourage you to leave behind sugary, starchy and chemically laden snacks.

Whilst our food philosophy is based around meat proteins, low GI carbohydrates and mostly grain-free eating, we happily cater to most dietary requirements including vegetarians and vegans. Our charter is to support and honour your food philosophy and individual choices. Please contact us if you have very specific dietary requirements.

Everything that you will need is provided:

  • quality food, beverages such as herbal teas, tea, coffee, filtered rain water, kombucha and cold press juices, healthy snacks
  • quality bed linen, towels and beach towels
  • shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion
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What you will need to bring:

Do bring with you an open mind and heart, a desire see the truth and a willingness to look within!!

Sessions are facilitated by Laura and Guest Coaches.

We run small group retreats and workshops, so the focus is on providing you with the best experience possible. Maximum capacity is six people (three cuddle couples). For this retreat it is expected that both persons fully participate in the retreat – if your partner wants to come along but not participate, then this retreat is not for you.

This is an all-inclusive Couples Retreat & Program presented at Edenderry Retreat at Maroochy River on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. There are limited places at this small-group exclusive program which includes accommodation, meals, program, coaching and additional activities.

DATE: 5 nights – TBA

Price: $5997 per couple


Edenderry Retreat ~ A space for personal interaction, reflection and transformation

Welcome to Laura’s Private Sanctuary – Edenderry Retreat – overlooking the stunning Maroochy River with views across the valley to the ocean on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Nestled on the foothills of the mystical Mount Ninderry, this botanical oasis is a garden of Eden and the perfect environment to give yourself the space to think, BE and evolve.