Why bring back the MOJO ?

The mojo is the ZEST & Vitality that gives our lives Energy & Enthusiasm.

When you bring your mojo, you bring your MAGIC.

MOJO is that spark that attracts others – when you have your MOJO people want to be around you, and life just seems to FLOW.

MOJO is that Magnetic pull, a vibrational ENERGY that is subtle, quiet yet strong.

Around the world today, many people have lost their MOJO and trudging through life just surviving.

Wellbeing & Mindset = Vitality

You were put on this planet to thrive  not just survive….

Wherever you are at in life, Bring Back The Mojo has something for you.

We start at the basics which builds the fundamentals that you need to get back on track. We expand to more substantive programs that dig deep into the root cause of your effect.

Bring Back the MOJO offers both online and in-person programs designed to facilitate your individual journey in life.

Rewire – Reboot – Transform
reboot 1
Bring Back The MOJO Level 1

Change Masters

Change Masters is a FUN way to bring your life on track and ignite that spark that is the true essence of life.

Change Masters focuses on the creating solid foundations on which to build the life of your dreams.

Changing habits one small step at a time – habits that support, uplift and energise you. Making productive and positive habits into rituals. Once a habit is repeated long enough, it becomes a subconscious ritual which takes little thought or energy.

From getting up early, to exercise, clean eating, giving time to rejuvenate, goal setting, mindset, prioritising, decluttering all the way to breaking away from destructive, unwanted habits – Change Masters is a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal of getting into a state of BEING that is the MOJO Magic Mission.

With the building blocks of the highly effective methods, strategies and mindset tools provided in the private membership site, Change Masters is the pathway to your prosperity and life full of ZEST.

Additional to this jam-packed Membership Site are the Fortnightly LIVE Zoominars, where Laura personally guides you through the strategies to bring back your mojo!

Join the Private Members only Facebook Group where you can share, grow and learn with other like-minded people.

Change Masters is OUTSTANDING Value!

Bring Back The MOJO Level 2


The JOURNEY Program is taking the MOJO Magic Mission to a whole new level!

Journey has been born from Laura’s culmination of over 17 years of specific study, personal growth and application, workshops and coaching in human behaviour plus many more years of real-world experience and achievement.

 In this evergreen program, Laura will personally help you transform your life from victimhood to self-mastery.

JOURNEY is Laura’s Signature Program that is founded upon universal principles, physics and the application of a ground-breaking methodology that is the Demartini Method.

It is the evolution of the application of a vastly powerful modality that gives this program “guts”. Laura’s ability to deliver complex principles into easily digestible components is what makes the “work” WORK.

“Don’t be the Victim of your History – be the Master of your Destiny”

 Journey covers all the elements you will need to live in FLOW, be authentic and create a purposeful and fulfilling life.

 Join Journey and manifest all the real wealth, abundance and joy you desire.

level 2 journey
mojo level 3
Bring Back The MOJO Level 3

private coaching

Working one on one with Laura will fast-track your personal transformation.

Change your outer reality by changing your inner perceptions.

Laura will very quickly identify the deeper level issues and sub-conscious strategies that are holding you back from being your true authentic self.

Breakthrough the layers of outer subordination, and be your own authority.

Edenderry Retreat

A space for personal interaction, reflection & transformation

Welcome to Laura’s Private Sanctuary, overlooking the stunning Maroochy River with views across the valley to the ocean on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Nestled on the foothills of the mystical Mount Ninderry, this botanical oasis is a garden of Eden & the perfect environment to give yourself the space to think, BE & evolve.

From One-Day Workshops, to Weekend Programs, Extended Week-Long Reset Retreat, Private Oasis Retreat all the way to the Mind Body Scuba Diving Retreat – Edenderry Retreat is “the Icing on the Cake” in Bringing Back The MOJO!

Meet The Team

Dr Calina Ouliaris

Dr Calina Ouliaris

  • BComm/LLB (Hons), GradDipPsych, MD, MMed (Psych), GDLP
  • Mindset Consultant
  • PADI Certified Dive Master
  • Bathysmed 2nd Level Instructor in Training
Jennifer Mullins

Jennifer Mullins

  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Learn to Surf with Jen
  • Surf Competency with Jen
  • Lifeguard
Narelle Jones

Narelle Jones

  • Pilates Instructor
  • Pilates Studio Owner
  • Community Services Support
  • Mind Body Movement Therapist
Dr Nick Wood

Dr Nick Wood

  • Chiropractor
  • Kinesiologist
  • Musculo–Skeletal Acupuncture
  • Remedial Massage
Nicole Donaldson

Nicole Donaldson

  • Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Energy Balance
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapy
Renee Ashkettle

Renee Ashkettle

  • Pilates Instructor
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Sound Healing Practitioner
Ruth Johnstone

Ruth Johnstone

  • Massage Therapist
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Sound Healing Practitioner
Simon Lugan

Simon Lugan

  • PADI Staff Instructor
  • SSI Open Water Instructor
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Travelologist
Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes


Laura is a leading Mindset Coach & Consultant working with individuals, couples, families and groups to break through limiting beliefs, blocks and inaction. By integrating and aligning values, meaning and purpose within the individual, Laura is able to rapidly transform each person’s experience and life’s journey into one that is both fulfilling and inspiring.

Laura works with clients from all walks of life – CEO’s, global change-makers, entrepreneurs, business women and men, teenagers, mums and dads. The common theme being those who work with Laura is the desire to expand their world – an inner knowing that takes them beyond

“No matter who you are or where you are in life, your outer reality will be a reflection of your inner world.”

Laura has been presenting her signature Breakthrough programs around Australia and internationally, specialising in human behaviour and integrating The Demartini Method® with her results driven transformational strategies to assist clients to gain a new perspective for intelligent living and to be inspired by life, by teaching them to overcome their challenges, obtain self-governance, and activate their true potential. In recent years, Laura has focused on delivering her services online and in person at Edenderry Retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

“When you meet Laura you’ll know she is a walk-your-talk woman of substance. Not only does she keep herself congruent to her teachings, she keeps herself accountable to her intentions, goals and actions – and she will keep you accountable to yours!”

Laura is a Master Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator (one of only a select few in the world) and is a Licensed Demartini Values® Facilitator. Laura has been an avid student of Dr. John Demartini and has been studying with the Demartini institute since 2005, focusing in the areas of physics, biology, physiology, psychology, philosophy, and theology in relation to the application of the Demartini Method®, the mind body connection and the driving force of human behaviour.

Laura is a leader in problem solving, showing the way for others to navigate through their challenges and offering solutions that allow them to live by design. Laura walks her talk and leads the way by being a shining example of one who maximizes human potential and expansion.