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And bring back the zest and joy into your life!

When you address the cause, you change the EFFECT!

Adapt or Die …. Harsh but true. We are either in the process of growth, regeneration and expansion


We are in the process of decay, degradation and contraction

Adaptation is the key to expansion.

In order to adapt CHANGE is ESSENTIAL..

Master the process of Adaptive Change, and you will Master your Life!

The ripple effect of small changes is highly underestimated. One small adjustment NOW can turn into a tsunami down the track. One small adjustment leads to another, and another and soon a small trickle becomes a cascade.

Masters of Change is about mastering the single one small step.

Make that one small and seemingly insignificant change. Make the change a habit. Make the habit a permanent ritual so it becomes a part of your DNA (Doesn’t Need Attention) – it is exists and you don’t even need to think about – it just gets done.

Make one change a habit before you make another change, that way you ensure each change becomes DNA (Doesn’t Need Attention).

Making each change permanent can seem really, really slow. However, the ripple effect of that change magnifies over time. Making changes bit by bit, step by step creates strength, resilience and confidence – which in turn creates more energy, inspiration and enthusiasm and BRINGS BACK THE MOJO!!!

Take that step today and join Change Masters.

What Needs to Change?

Whatever will help you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

You change what YOU perceive will make a difference in YOUR Life, help you achieve YOUR Goals and maximise YOUR Fulfilment.

Change Masters IS NOT about creating a group of “Perfect People”! We are about helping YOU create YOUR PERFECT LIFE – unique to you.

Change to become MORE OF YOU, not to fit in to others or be like someone else.

Change to BE WHO YOU BE.




Are you forever procrastinating?

Do you constantly start on Monday, only to find your intentions vanish by Wednesday?


Do you find that:

  • You feel burdened, stressed or emotionally overwhelmed
  • You lack energy, drive and enthusiasm
  • Your future looks grey and the colour has gone from your life
  • ​Outer forces are dominating your life and spiralling you out of control
  • ​You know what needs to change but just can’t get started
  • You are stuck in the same old cycle and nothing is shifting

You don’t have to continue feeling like this!

It’s time to bring the “mojo” back into your life

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Why join Change Masters?

  • Belong to a community of like-minded people
  • Be motivated to commit transformation
  • Receive personal support from your coaches and fellow MOJO members
  • Benefit by being accountable – announce your goals to the group
  • Enjoy recognition for your achievements on your journey
  • Follow an easy system to turn your intentions into actions
  • Change one habit one small step at a time
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Reframe your Perceptions


Rewire your Mindset


Reboot your Body


Revitalise your Wellbeing


Reclaim your Mojo

Create healthy habits that stick

Wellbeing & Mindset = vitality

What’s Included?

Fortnightly Zoominar every Tuesday at 8pm Brisbane Time with live interactive teaching, tips and tricks, support and recognition all to keep you motivated, inspired and on track

The MOJO Makeover System - changing your habits one small step at a time to create your new energetic ZEST for life!!

Private membership page which gives you access to the whole MOJO Makeover System plus Resource Library and Private Facebook Group for MEMBERS ONLY that promotes Community, Support and Participation

  • Instructional videos and information sheets to guide and inspire
  • Practical solutions, tips and tricks and positive suggestions
  • 50% off for a 3 Session Private Coaching Package (special one-time introductory offer)
  • 10% off ALL Bring Back the Mojo workshops, retreats** and private coaching while you are an active member. (**Excludes Scuba retreat)
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Change Masters is an Annual Membership, with a monthly payment option


per month


per year inc 2 months free!!

What Our Members Are Saying

I came for the teachings, but found the community is what inspired me most. Like-minded people with great attitude and beliefs. Have now joined Journey and looking forward to up-levelling!


Noosa, Australia

I wanted to be part of something that could help me evolve and grow. What I loved most about Change Masters was the regular face to face connection, it made all the difference being able to talk live each fortnight with the Laura, and also communicate with the group.


Brisbane, Australia