A Life Changing Program


Creating Conscious Fulfilment


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Once you register you will have access to the JOURNEY private membership site, which includes the eight Weekly Modules, Video Tutorials, Integration Tools and Documents, plus much more!

Your JOURNEY subscription provides you with 12 months unlimited access to the private membership site and Journey Program with fortnightly Zoominars.

Every Tuesday fortnightly at 8pm Brisbane time join us for a Live Coaching, Training, Q&A Session and the “HOT SEAT” where you will have the change to shed your block or issue!!! Sessions are recorded and available for members to access.

Each fortnightly we will focus on TWO of the eight modules – every module is designed around strategies and methods that can be utilised continuously in your life – rinse & repeat!

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20% off on ALL Bring Back the Mojo workshops, retreats** and private coaching while you are an active member.(**Excludes Scuba Retreat)


When you are done, you die.

So quit trying to be done and stop trying to arrive.

There is no arrival – Life is the JOURNEY, not the Destination.

Love the Journey, Love the Process and you will BE in LOVE FOREVER…

Love The Process…



Are you wanting to play a bigger game but feel stuck in the “same old, same old”?

Do you know you have so much more in you but finding growth illusive?

Are you unable to make the transition from working in your business to working on your business?

Tired of paying good money to organisations that promise the world and deliver little to nothing?

Do you find yourself saying “ I just know there is more to life” – but can’t identify what that more is ?


What you will learn and gain in this program…


Before You Start

Complete Intrinsic Driving Force Session with Laura.

One on one full values determination and identification of your intrinsic drivers. This session is the cornerstone to building the foundation of your future blueprint.

Module One: Values & Universal Principles and Laws

Understand values and you will understand human behaviour. Understand universal principles and laws and you will understand the matrix and our interconnectedness. Combine these both and you will begin to master your life. Wisdom is knowing how to work with the flow of nature and not against it.

Module Two: Pathways to Prosperity

Create your Declaration of Intention
Mapping the JOURNEY ~ Creating your personal framework, your blueprint
Building the Ship that you will Set Sail on.

“If you do not take the steering wheel of your vessel, you will be the passenger in someone else’s ship”

Module Three: From Fear to Freedom

Become Fear-Less!
Collapse and eliminate any and all Fears that arise
A tool for life that you can use over and over again ~ Priceless

Module Four: Emergence

Raising Self Worth and learn the Magic of Honouring Self.

Authentic Self Expression and Harmonious Living.

Eliminate Guilt & Shame ~ Another priceless tool that you can use over and over again.

Module Five: The Zone of Self Governance

Become the “Dynamic Observer”.

Creating the Path of Least Resistance.

Learn the Art of Intelligent Integration.

Module Six: Platform

Build the solid foundational Platform to create your dream life.

Adopt sustainable habits to nourish, nurture and strengthen.

Create the environment in which you will Thrive.

Module Seven: Money Momentum & Manifestation

Take control of your resources, create congruent and authentic intentions and allow the flow of abundance into your life. that are grounded realistic and totally doable.

Money is Energy. Manifestation is energy.

Module Eight: Action Stations

A multitude of ways to blast off from your mediocrity!

Learn Associative Activation Techniques that will turn Procrastination into Action.

Learn the secret of Internal Motivation.

Why Do Journey?

Gain control of your thoughts, emotions and learn to listen and respond to your intuition and inner knowing

Learn the art of self governance and avoid outer governance

Maximise Fulfilment by BEING on Purpose

Clear the noise and breakthrough the barriers that is holding you back from Living Your DREAM!

Allow yourself to Be Who You Be

Walk forward with Clarity, Confidence, Certainty, Grace and Presence

do journey


Online Program

Access to 10 Week Video Tutorials and corresponding workbooks, you can watch in your own time at your own pace.

12 months unlimited access to the Journey private membership site.



Online Program

Includes all of Journey as above PLUS Three additional Coaching Sessions with Laura

Private coaching session to be used anytime during or after the Journey Program

This is FOR…

  • Individuals who would love to have a more fulfilling relationship with the people they share their lives with.
  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants who would love to make a significant difference in people’s lives.
  • Business owners and high-level Corporates who are responsible for the livelihoods of many and wish to make a global impact.
  • ​Individuals looking to get into business and realize the defining steps to growing and effectively selling their product or service.
  • ​Individuals who want the internal freedom to unapologetically live in their authenticity
this is for
not for

This is NOT FOR…

  • Those wanting quick fixes and not willing to work.
  • Those looking to get rich quick.
  • ​Those who are not humble and insist on being “right”.
  • ​Those who want to blame others, remain the victim and not take responsibility for what they have attracted to themselves.
  • ​Those who are not prepared to look into the mirror of truth.

If you are looking for a way to fill that emptiness inside

And you are yearning to grow and expand

Then JoinJourney today