Let go of all the noise, distractions and demands from the outside world and allow yourself some rejuvenating ME time!

Join Edenderry RESET Retreat for a 7-night journey of powerful transformation.

This is a Bring Back the MOJO in overdrive!

Do you intuitively know that you need to spend time to do the inner work, but are unable to find that time?

Do you know that there is so much more and have a deep yearning to fill that void?

Have you become indifferent, lost your spark and find the you are “settling”?

Do you have all the pieces to the puzzle, but cannot seem to put them all in place?

Do you have all of your dreams, goals and plans in place but have hit a wall you cannot navigate beyond?

Then the Reset Retreat is perfect to help bring you back on track to living your best life.

To RESET is to recalibrate and recentre.

Evolve into a homeostatic regenerative way of living.

The purpose of the Reset Retreat is to become consciously aware of these balancing systems and go deep into self-governance. The Reset Retreat will assist you to expand and evolve your authentic being.

Our mind and body are designed to homeostatically bring us back to centre.

It is in this centred space that we:

  • vibrate at a higher frequency
  • become more relaxed and at ease
  • are able to stay in the flow zone
  • maintain optimum energy and focus
  • view our external world as an observer
  • have the wisdom of seeing the bigger picture
  • become highly adaptable to an ever changing world
  • stay on course and get to our “Destination Pitstops” sooner
reset walk

When we are able to feel and sit in our emotions without being governed by them, we are then able to more fully experience and appreciate all the magnificence this life journey has to offer.

The Reset Retreat is a powerful experiential transformation process that will expand your conscious awareness and clarity with your teleological purpose

The Mind Experience…

Exploration of Values
Stripping back even deeper layers of subordination to outside authority. There is only one ultimate authority – Universal Law. You will be challenged to explore, identify and release a higher level of injected values.

Clarity of Telos
What is your “end in mind”?
Clear out delusional, infatuated and fantasy elements of your desires to reveal your authentic purpose.

My Life Plan
Continue to write, tweak and expand your Life Plan – a living document that is the blueprint of your life by design.

Ideate & Create
Be in the flow of authentic self-expression – sit in the freedom to dream and imagine. Allow the flow of inner knowing to envision your contribution, leadership and service to the world. Own your unique gifts that will make a difference.

Powerfully manifest abundance, wealth and joy through tapping into the quantum field of infinite being. Understand, harness and apply the physics of “Be, Do & Have”

level 2 journey

When you focus on serving the world with your unique contribution, and you operate within the framework of “fair exchange”, then wealth, abundance and fulfilment become automatic.

reset food

The Body Experience

Wonderful Walks
Enjoy wonderful hikes and beach walks. Hike Mount Ninderry and Mount Coolum,  taking in the magnificent views from both peaks. Take a cold plunge in the rockpools at the base of Mount Ninderry. Breath in the ocean air at Coolum Beach and at Noosa National Park.

Stretch and Tone
feel alive with guided Yin Yoga and Pilates, and get deeper benefits from a remedial massage.

Revive and Immune Boost
rejuvenate with relaxation massage and reiki. Detox with an ionic foot spa. Take the plunge in the hot tub and brace yourself for an ice bath. Have a magnesium bath. Get some rays on the sun deck and boost your vitamin D.

at Edenderry Retreat you are nourished with wholesome and delicious home cooked meals made from with quality ingredients, grass-fed meats and local fresh produce. Help yourself to beverages such as herbal teas, tea, coffee, filtered rain water, kombucha, cold press juices and healthy snacks.

Rest & Relax
The beds and pillows are super comfortable to help you with an awesome night’s sleep. Whilst the days are jammed packed, you will also have your own quite time. There are multiple living areas for you to relax and unwind – enjoy the company of others and/or enjoy your own space.

The Spiritual Experience…

Embody the magic and beauty of being present lie in the ability to fully embrace the richness of each moment and discover the hidden joys of life.

Sound Healing
Bathe yourself in a deep emersion of sound from the crystal singing bowls. Allow the frequency and vibration to penetrate your cells and heal and rejuvenate your body.

Experience a daily guided meditation as well as meditation that is integrated with sound healing, yoga, pilates, icebaths and other activities. There is a strong emphasis on being present in all sessions and activities – being present is a meditation in itself.

Whilst we have put activities into categories to explain what is instore for you – all activities incorporate Mind, Body & Spirit – these are never truly separated.

reset yoga

Whilst we have put activities into categories to explain what is instore for you – all activities incorporate Mind, Body & Spirit – these are never truly separated.

the wow factor…

Choose your “Step out of my comfort zone and tackle fear WOW adventure experience”

Stretch yourself and choose your DARING adventure:

  • Tandem Sky Dive
  • Scuba Dive
  • Shark Dive
  • Ocean Jetski
  • River Jetski
  • Seaplane Tour
  • Learn to Surf

(Subject to availability and weather conditions)

Things you need to know…

It is recommended that you are well versed and have a solid understanding of the concepts, universal principles, and inner work presented and taught in the Journey program before attending the Reset Retreat. The Reset Retreat goes BEYOND the Journey program into deeper realisations, connection and integration.

Throughout the retreat you will be encouraged to engage in physical activities that move your body, engage your breathing and challenge your senses – helping you connect mind, body and spirit in order to live more consciously. We are not a fitness boot camp however, and we will be guided by your physical abilities and adjust accordingly. All physical activities are optional and voluntary.

We are not a “diet” or “fasting” retreat, however we encourage “clean” eating with whole nutritious foods – whilst you are free to bring along your favourite snacks and food, we would strongly encourage you to leave behind sugary, starchy and chemically laden snacks. Whilst our food philosophy is based around meat proteins, low GI carbohydrates and mostly grain-free eating, we happily cater to most dietary requirements including vegetarians and vegans. Our charter is to support and honour your food philosophy and individual choices. Please contact us if you have very specific dietary requirements.

Everything that you will need is provided:

  • quality food, beverages such as herbal teas, tea, coffee, filtered rain water, kombucha and cold press juices, healthy snacks
  • quality bed linen, towels and beach towels
  • shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion
reset meditation

What you will need to bring:

Do bring with you an open mind, a courageous heart and an adventurous spirit!!

We run small group retreats and workshops so the focus is on providing you with the best experience possible. Maximum capacity is six people three cuddle couples or three singles. For couples it is expected that both persons fully participate in the retreat – if your partner wants to come along but not participate, then we asked that he/she do not attend.]

This is an all-inclusive Reset Retreat & Program presented at Edenderry Retreat at Maroochy River on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. There are limited places at this small-group exclusive program which includes accommodation, meals, program, coaching and additional activities plus the “WOW Factor” activity.

DATE: 7 nights – TBA

Price: $7997 pp or $11997 per cuddle couple

Edenderry Retreat ~ A space for personal interaction, reflection and transformation

Welcome to Laura’s Private Sanctuary – Edenderry Retreat – overlooking the stunning Maroochy River with views across the valley to the ocean on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Nestled on the foothills of the mystical Mount Ninderry, this botanical oasis is a garden of Eden and the perfect environment to give yourself the space to think, BE and evolve.