With Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

Are you ready to get more clarity in your life, to truly find and live your purpose?

Working 1:1 with Laura provides you the opportunity to get to the root of the issues in your life and to get past them. You will come out of each session with insight and a road map on changing the direction of your life to live with purpose in all areas – relationships, business/career, and financial.

Some of the topics you can work on with Laura

  • Business Growth, Navigating Challenges
  • Wealth Building Mindset
  • Career transition, Vocation
  • Creating balance and fulfillment in life
  • Relationships – staying single, manifesting “the one”, partner problems
  • Family dynamics, children, teens, parents
  • Divorce, Grief & Loss, Trauma, Overwhelm

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What Coaching with Laura Hughes will help you accomplish

Uncover your Values and Intrinsic Driving Force

Understand what you value the most. Laura will guide you through a value determination that will reveal what is truly most important to you and WHY.

You will understand why you do what you do and what DRIVES you.

Values underpins everything you do in life.


  • You will understand what is truly valuable to you
  • You will gain insights as to the reasons behind
    • Why certain conversations inspire or challenge you
    • Why certain areas of your life are in order and others in disorder
    • Why you spend more time, energy and money on the things that you do
    • Why you have the interests that you do
    • Why you daydream and visualize the goals you do
    • Where your leadership potential resides
  • You will understand and appreciate what is truly valuable to others
  • You will be able to see another’s viewpoint
  • You will feel an increase in engagement and a decrease in judgement


  • Achieve goals by learning to set them aligned to your values
  • Be inspired to do even the most boring of your day to day activities
  • Be inspired and focused no matter what perceived challenges come your way
  • Know yourself and what is truly inspiring to you
  • Empower any area of your life you currently believe as disempowered
  • Change your reality by changing your values
  • How to define your Purpose
  • How to increase your focus and drive


A Statement and Plan that will lead to

  • Inspired Action
  • Heart Open Connection to your authentic self
  • Self-Worth and belief
A Statement that will become

  • Your guiding light
  • Your Identity
  • Your Compass
road 1

Clear the Road Blocks

Identify and clear what is stopping you from living your Purpose.

Eliminate FEAR and GUILT that is holding you back from the life of your dreams.

When you truly put your life’s Purpose first, you become a better partner, husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, friend, colleague…

  • Remove judgement towards others and allow them to be themselves
  • Stand in your own truth and allow others to do the same.
  • Let go of all the “SHOULDS”.
  • When you truly honour yourself and your primary purpose in life, then you are able to truly honour others.

Integrate your Perceptions

A balanced perspective will enhance all areas of life.

  • Let go of past “wrongs” and resentments
  • Expand Conscious awareness
  • Become the “Observer” and have a greater Overview Effect of the world around you.
  • Let go attachment to and live in “Flow”
do journey

Turn Procrastination into Inspired Action

Tools to Link, Delegate or Dump!

Linking Process to create natural internal motivation to do the essential tasks that you are procrastinating.

Identify what to delegate and what to dump.

Coaching Packages

My Commitment To You…

Every individual is unique with a unique set of values and unique life experiences, and I will honour this to the best of my ability.

  • I will honour your uniqueness.
  • I will not take a cookie-cutter approach with you.
  • I will not judge you – no matter what you have done or not done, you are worthy of love.
  • I will go where we need to go to get the outcome you seek, but I will not take your crutches away – that is for you to decide when you wish to let them go.
  • I may make suggestions, but will not project onto you and tell you what to do.
  • I will both challenge and support you.
  • I will ask quality questions that will expand the quality of your life.

Love and Light,

Laura Hughes

PS – Watch this video with Dr Atul Gawande on Coaching:

Laura Hughes coaching
Laura consults in her office in the Sunshine Coast and on zoom, and caters to a global client base with hours available for every time zone.